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UX/UI Design | Design System


This serves as a demonstration of my sample design system expertise.


Typography, color palettes, buttons, components, variables...


Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator.


3 Weeks


I embarked on a journey to revolutionize user experiences through a meticulously crafted design system. This case study unveils my approach to typography, color palettes, buttons, components, and variables that collectively define a seamless and intuitive user journey.


Typography: With a focus on readability and aesthetics, I curated font styles that resonate with the brand's identity while ensuring optimal user engagement. The typography choices were deliberate, reflecting the essence of effortless communication.

Color Palettes: Crafting emotive experiences, I harmonized color palettes that evoke specific user emotions while adhering to accessibility guidelines. The resulting palette not only captivates but also guides users through each interaction.


Buttons: Beyond functionality, buttons become invitations to explore. I meticulously designed interactive elements that strike a balance between visual appeal and clear calls to action, driving user engagement.


Components: The heart of the system lies in its modular components. I designed a library of elements that seamlessly integrate, maintaining a consistent look and feel throughout the product. This approach ensures a fluid and intuitive user experience across interfaces. Variables: Recognizing the need for adaptability, I strategically integrated variables within the system. This empowers quick adjustments, facilitating scalability without compromising usability.


Visuals: The design system comes to life through visuals that demonstrate the meticulous planning and cohesive execution. Every element showcases the system's influence on the product's interface, resulting in a user-centric and captivating experience.


This case study is a testament to my dedication in creating design systems that transcend aesthetics, offering holistic and purpose-driven interactions. By blending creativity and strategy, I've established a foundation for user experiences that are both engaging and unforgettable

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