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Product Owner | UX Design Lead 


I'm the person behind DiscoverME – your ultimate gaming haven. As Lead UX Designer and Product Owner, I built a space where gaming meets community. From sketching ideas to fine-tuning every detail, I've got you covered. Let's jump right in and go through this journey together!


Live Stream, Interact, Voice Chat, TXT , Share Content , Earn Rewards .

AI interaction to be included!!


Figma, Balsamiq, Adobe Photoshop, Miro, Zeplin.


3 Months

"In my time working on this project, I've worn a few different hats and had a hand in various aspects of decision-making and design. But what I'm really passionate about, and what I'd love to dive into, is the UX design and research I contributed to this app."

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"Want a better gaming experience? Try DiscoverME. Here, you can easily share your gaming moments, live stream, and even connect your gameplay to platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch. Set up your profile, make new gaming friends, and enjoy a bigger, friendlier gaming community. DiscoverME is where gamers come together!"


"Gamers wanted a place to connect, share, and take their play to the next level. So, we aimed to create an app that does just that, and more.

The Challenge: Make an easy-to-use app where gamers can stream, connect, and share their best moments.

Objective: Build a cool app that looks great and works smoothly on both Android and iOS.

What We Did: Focused on what gamers love, creating designs that speak to them.

How We'll Know We Succeeded?

More active users, easy app navigation, and gamers making real connections using our features.

Our goal? Make DiscoverME the go-to spot for gamers everywhere."


"Getting into the minds of gamers was our first step in creating the DiscoverME app. Here's a peek into how we did it:

Who Are Our Gamers? I created detailed profiles - from the Competitive Pro, the Chill Gamer, to the Social Butterfly. This helped us design with real gamers in mind, understanding their wants and needs.

What's Missing Out There? After checking out big names like Omlet Arcade and StreamCraft, we spotted what they missed: stronger chat features for gamers to connect in real-time.

What Did Gamers Say? Through surveys and chats, we got the scoop on what gamers love and what bugs them. It became our blueprint, guiding everything from smooth streaming to community chats.

In short, we are not just build an app. We are crafting an experience, keeping every kind of gamer in mind."


While I gathered information from many types of gamers, let's take a look at one example so you can see the kind of things I looked at to understand what players really want from the app. This will give you an idea of how I figured out what features were important and what the gamers needed.



Creating an easy and enjoyable journey for gamers within the DiscoverME app was a top priority. I wanted users to seamlessly glide through the app, finding what they need without a hitch. Here's a sneak peek into how I made navigation a breeze:

  • Streamlined Entry: The moment users open the app, they're greeted with a clear path to their desired destination. Whether it's streaming, connecting with friends, or exploring events, the main menu offers easy access.

  • One-Tap Access: Critical features like streaming and connecting are just a tap away. Large, intuitive buttons guide users through actions they frequently perform, reducing friction.

  • Intelligent Recommendations: By understanding a user's gaming preferences, the app offers personalized game suggestions and events, helping users discover new experiences tailored to their tastes.

  • Effortless Interaction: In-app communication is seamless. Users can effortlessly engage in voice and text chat, fostering connections while gaming.

  • Easily Accessible Profile: Your profile, your identity. Users can access their profiles anytime, tweaking settings, tracking their streaming history, and monitoring their growing follower count.

  • Fluid Navigation: Clear labels and consistent icons help users navigate smoothly through various sections, ensuring they're always in control.

With this design philosophy, I've mapped out the app's flow to make sure gamers can navigate and interact effortlessly, making their journey through DiscoverME an adventure in itself.

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"Building an app gamers love is like piecing together a visual puzzle. Let me walk you through how I took simple sketches and turned them into a sleek gaming interface:

Drafting the Blueprint: Just like a doodle becomes a masterpiece, I began with basic sketches of the app's layout. This helped nail down the structure, ensuring everything was in the right place.

Adding the Flare: With the blueprint set, I added the bells and whistles. Think clearer icons, catchy buttons, and cool fonts. It's like moving from a sketch to a vibrant painting.

The Perfect Blend: By merging these simple and detailed designs, I made sure the app wasn't just good-looking but user-friendly too. Every swipe, tap, and click feels just right.



🔑 Listening to Gamers: We learned that the best designs come from really hearing what users want.

🤝 It's All About Connection: Our app is not just for playing; it’s a place where gamers can meet and bond.

🔮 Rolling with Changes: The tech world is always changing. We learned to adapt and keep DiscoverME fresh.

🔥 Tech Hiccups: We're currently navigating some technical challenges, but with a bit of creativity, we're finding our way through."

🧩 Making Things Easy: We took some complex features and made them easy for everyone to use.

🌌 Being Different: With so many gaming apps out there, we made sure DiscoverME had its own special flair.

"We're still learning and tweaking, but DiscoverME is on its way to becoming a favorite hangout for gamers."

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